Write the critical analysis for the following article. https://sentientmedia.org

Write the critical analysis for the following article. https://sentientmedia.org/zoos-cause-animals-far-more-harm-than-good/Upload the final draft of your critical analysis essay here. Remember the essay must be 2-3 pages and written in MLA format. Do not use first person pronouns (i.e. I, we, our, my, etc.). Please do not write a summary of the article.Make sure your introduction provides brief background information on your selected article as well as includes a THESIS statement.The thesis MUST be the last sentence of the introduction and written as follows: The author uses x, y, z (list at least three types of rhetorical strategies) to deliver the message….Here is an example of how a thesis for a critical analysis paper should be written: In the short story, ” The Man in the Middle, William Doughty uses emotional appeals, logical reasoning, and sarcasm to prove that religion is relative to an individual’s spiritual upbringing.Please review the sample paper attached to guide you as you write this paper.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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