write about the quote, using the words in the quote to explain what it means, and how it answers the question. You should assume that discussing each quote will take at least a page.

 In his speech after finding out about Antigone,, Kreon says, There is no greater evil than unruliness It ruins cities and makes households desolate.It breaks and turns to flight the ranks of allied spears.But, when the lives of mortals go aright. It isObedience to rule that keeps most bodies safe. Therefore, we must defend the cause of order, andBy no means let a woman get the upper hand. Better to fall, if we must do so, to a man;Then nobody could call us conquered by a woman.   (672-680)What does he mean?  Explain the point hes making about power, and who has it.2)   Haimon tells his fatherFor those who think that they alone possess good senseor that no other has a tongue or spirit suchas theirs, when opened up expose their emptiness. No, even if a man is clever, theres no shame in learning many things and not straining too tight. (708-711) …And on a ship, if he who holds the power strainsThe rigging tight and does not yield, he turns his rowingBenches over and completes the journey upside down.  (715-18)What message is he trying to give his father, and what image does he use to do it?  Why?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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