Worksheet 1: Researching Sub-disciplines For this assignment, you should  invest

Worksheet 1: Researching Sub-disciplinesFor this assignment, you should  investigate the disciplinary practices and research topics of a sub-discipline within my field. Major is community Health with Global Health concentration.You should help me identify and choose a sub-discipline within my field (community Health with Global Health concentration.)Worksheet #1 Data Submission•          Discipline – Global Health•          Your Chosen Sub-discipline•          A One-sentence Definition of Your Chosen Sub-discipline•          Other Sub-disciplines You Explored•          Sites You Used to Conduct Your Research•          Sites You Might Want to Return to For Additional ResearchWorksheet #1 ReflectionLook back over the work you’ve done for this worksheet and engage in some thoughtful exploration of the assignment and your engagement with it. Possible topics include:•          how this assignment added to or challenged your knowledge of the topic•          what surprised you as you learned about and engaged with the assignment•          questions you would still like to explore about the topicYour reflection should be roughly 150-250 words.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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