Wk 3 Q1 Ricardo

Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below.  Minimum of 100 words. New recruits that have no law enforcement experience or not a legacy recruit, they come with predisposition of what they see in the movies, TV and media. The legacy recruits have a better idea of what real police work is. New recruits expect to do law enforcement, not problem solving or community service. New recruits come in motivated and eager to work. After a few years on they tend to gravitate to what they thought police work was. Weather its investigating narcotics, sexual battery or enforcing traffic, they will try to specialize in what they are interested in. In the beginning of your career, you don’t have that luxury. You are the rookie, so you are handling every call that comes in and filling all the details that the older guys don’t want. In order to be a good cop, you have to be well rounded. You have to be able to solve problems on the fly, communicate with the community, give medical aid, de-escalate situations and enforce the law when need be.   For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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