What is education—and specifically, philosophical education—for? Compare/contras

What is education—and specifically, philosophical education—for? Compare/contrast your own answer with those of at least one of the American philosophers we’ve read (Emerson and Thoreau) and at least one of the German philosophers (Schopenhauer and Nietzsche).The goal of a philosophy paper is to present your own considered and clearly articulated beliefs alongside your understanding of the material we have read in the course. To that end, please be sure it is always clear whose views are being expressed—yours or one of the authors whose works have been assigned. Be sure to address yourself not only to an answer to the question, but also to providing your reader with an account of why you believe your answer to be correct. What are your reasons for taking one position or another? On what basis do you say the things you say about the readings? In order to justify the claims in your paper to your reader, when discussing material from the readings you must offer substantiation for your claims with quotations from the text. Quotations are absolutely required.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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