Week 6 Discussion – Participative Management Week As organizations struggle to a

Week 6 Discussion – Participative Management WeekAs organizations struggle to accomplish objectives in the current economic environment, leaders and employees alike are told to “work smarter, not harder”, which often translates into expectations that leaders and employees will both identify ways to accomplish more (sales, programs, deliverables, etc.) with fewer resources (money, time, headcount, etc.). As a result, organizations have looked to incorporate participative management practices into their culture, as a standard way of achieving objectives.Define participative management.Will participative management be a potential long-term solution for organizations?  In other words, is participative management a fad?Why or why not?Can you ever imagine a situation when an autocratic leadership style would be more effective? In other words, is team based leadership, such as participative management, effective in all situations? Explain.Drawing upon this week’s reading, what are some important considerations when creating a positive team environment?Lastly, what are the benefits of using delegation?How can delegation positively impact a team environment?PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE 6 IN TEXT CITATIONS FROM THIS WEEKS READINGS OFNAHAVADI – CHAPTER 5 and 8  —— Nahavandi, A. (2015). The art and science of leadershipWREN- READINGS 44-47——– Wren, J.T. (1995). The leader’s companion: Insights on leadership through the ages.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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