Week 4 Reading and Assignment

3. Assignment:Please use your own words to answer the following questions.  Using copy and paste to answer the responses from the any source will earn 0 points.  All assignments are run through a plagiarism checker.  What are concepts, and how are they related to research?What is the goal of conceptualization? Why is it important?What is the goal of operationalization? Why is it important? What is the difference between conceptualization and operationalization?What are measures, and why are they important? Why would you want to use multiple measures?What are variables? What characteristics should they have? Why?What are attributes? What are they also called? How are they related to research?What are the four levels of measurement? All else being equal, which level of measurement should you strive for? Why?What are categorical, discrete, and continuous variables? How do they differ? Why does it matter?What makes response categories or attributes mutually exclusive and exhaustive? Why is this important?How are concepts related to variables? How is validity related to this? What does reliability refer to? Why are validity and reliability important?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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