Week 2 Discussion NOTE!!! Before you begin reading and responding to the discuss

Week 2 DiscussionNOTE!!! Before you begin reading and responding to the discussion questions, please review the Revised Weekly Discussion Guide and Examples (Course Info section of Blackboard) and adhere to the discussion post requirements. This class has very specific discussion requirements for grading (which are essential) in this and future discussion postings. Please review the following information: Chapter 3 of your textbook (Hite) focuses on “Population.”  Chapter 6, focuses on “Climate Change,” of your textbook discusses reputable scientific studies that show how the Earth is warming at an unsustainable rate due to a rise in CO2 and methane gases. Chapter Reading: Please answer the following main discussion questions from the Hite (2021) chapter readings and course media, and provide at least one reference citation (yes, you may cite the textbook). You should present substantial information written in complete sentences NOT bullet lists.Task A) Main Discussion Questions:From the Hite chapter readings (cite the text): 1) How does an increase in population create climate change issues? Explain in detail. 2) Discuss (in detail) some specific ways in which population growth benefits developed and developing nations. 3) Discuss some specific problems associated with over population for developed and developing nations.  ***See the list of Developing Nations in the World Bank 2020 List of Developing Nations located in the Course Information section of BlackBoard.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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