We learn about sexuality many ways and are influenced by messages we have receiv

We learn about sexuality many ways and are influenced by messages we have received – whether they are correct or not.  Your task for this assignment is to add at least one message about sexuality you received from each of the 7 categories (Family/Caregivers, Friends, Religion, School, Music, TV/Movies, Internet/digital/social media). Sexuality is more than just intercourse.  Consider other sexuality topics too:  contraception, masturbation, sexual orientation, touch, dating, pregnancy, love, puberty, pornography, marriage, gender, etc. For example, #1 is family and caregivers.  What messages did you receive about sexuality through your family and caregivers?  Did they discuss different sexual orientations with you?  Did they tell you how they would like you to live (ie get married and have kids)?  Did they discuss masturbation, dating, love, and marriage with you?  Did they ever talk with you about pornography?  Or way to improve sex and pleasure?  Ways to improve orgasms?  You do not need to answer all of these questions, but give some thought as to these topics and what you learned from various sources.   Writing “they told me not to do it” or “it was good” or “n.a.” or “I didn’t get any messages” or derivatives of that won’t earn you points. Writing the same response for all categories won’t earn you any points either.  Really give some thought to all of the topics mentioned.  In the past some students didn’t consider this a homework assignment and wrote one word answers.  You won’t earn any points for that.  For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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