1. Watch this video about Ai Weiwei: In what way can artists be socially engaged as activists?  Do you think artists play an important role in socio-political concerns? Have you seen any examples of this in your own neighborhood (murals with a message about social justice for example)?Feel free to upload pictures of examples.  2. Watch this video before responding to the discussion:How did this information change the way you thought about ancient sculptures?  What do you think is the cultural impact of seeing these sculptures as completely white? What are some ideas for how we can see them in color, as they were intended?After watching this video, consider how art can encourage empathy. Answer the following:  – Are there art images in our current culture that have encouraged you to feel empathy?  (a piece of art at a museum or home? public art? a piece of photojournalism?)– In your informed opinion, how can art help us to feel the experiences of others? For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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