Visual Analysis of A Work of Art

Visual Analysis of A Work of ArtObjective:While viewing one of the works on exhibit at the Museum ofFine Arts. Choose one.Houston within the Beck Collection of European Art, followthe guidelines below to complete a three to four page paper. Your paper should include the following:1. Introductory Paragraph: Identify the work. Describe thesubject matter, the overall form of the work and what you perceive to be thecontent. 2. Identify the visual elements in the work. Using termsintroduced in the textbook, describe how the artist is using them and how theydo or do not help to emphasize the subject matter and content of the work 3. IdentifyPrinciples of Design in the work. Using terms introduced in the textbook,describe how the artist is using them and how they do or do not help toemphasize the subject matter and content of the work 4. Describe thecontent of the work. Discuss the relationship between the form and content ofthe work. What are the formal decisions made by the artist and how do theseinfluence the content of the work? Do they help get the artists’ message acrossto their audience.5. Conclusion: What is your overall opinion of the work andwhy?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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