Varied Experience or Overschduled?(school age children )

Varied Experiences orOverscheduled?School-age children have many stress factors in theiryoung lives. One of those things is a very busyschedule. Please share your thoughts about theconcept of having every minute scheduled withvarious activities both the long and short termconcerns as well as the positive aspects of thisrelatively new phenomenon.Don’t forget to follow the format for discussions-In order to get full credit for your discussion postsyou must;Write and initial posts that is at least 250wordsHave your initial post complete by Tuesday at11:59Respond to at least two classmates byThursday at 11:59Respond with at least 200 words that followthe rules in the syllabusFollow all of the directions in the initial postDon’t forget to follow the Netiquette Rulesposted in the Important Information folder andFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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