Value Co- Creation

Assignment : Value Co-creation In this assignment, using concepts and tools from Frow et. al, as well as Argandona, you will analyze the processes and outcomes of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and the LNG Canada Liquefied Natural Gas project in Kitimat BC. Both are big energy projects in BC and have many different types of stakeholders, and for which there is a lot of publicly available information from the project proponents and opponents.Requirements:1. Based on what is publicly available to you in the many online sources and media, describe the process(es) used by the Trans Mountain to co-create value through community engagement, and contrast this with the processes and outcomes of LNG Canada project at Kitimat, B.C.2. Contrast the value chain (value creation, capture, and sharing ) of Trans Mountain and LNG Canada developments;3. Compare the value outcomes (total value created; distribution of value) of the two projects and formulate a conclusion regarding the impact of community engagement  on the outcome.Your descriptions, contrast and comparison should be supported with information you have sourced and should be properly cited and referenced.Compare means what is similar, contrast means what is different. For the compare and constrast instructions above, tell me what is similar in both companies’ approaches to stakeholder value co-creation and what is different. Draw your conclusion on the impact of those similarities and differences.Specifications:1. You must support any evidence you use to back up your assertions, with proper citations and include only used citations in the references.2. Maximum 1200 words.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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