Using differentiated instruction

Week 4 Read and ReflectThroughout this week, you have examined what DI means to you and how you implement it in your classroom. You have worked with your Walden colleagues to generate a list of resources to support each other in your journey to transform how you differentiate by content, process, and product. Finally, you began to think about how you would articulate the need for more DI implementation in your school setting. For this last activity of the week, you will explore your learning thus far and reflect on new insights you may have with regard to differentiation. What other knowledge, understandings, skills, and dispositions presented in this course might you bring together to help you plan and implement DI that makes a difference for students?What new resources or technologies have you found this week that will support your learners and the learners in your school setting? Why did you choose the lesson plan you did for your Final Course Assignment? What additional questions do you have regarding your expectations of this course?By  Sunday of Week 4Read the following Learning Resources:Making it happen: Using differentiated instruction, retrofit framework, and universal design for learningMaking the case for differentiationReview all of the Learning Resources for this week as well as the Content Connections posts, webliography entries, and the work you have completed thus far for your Final Course Assignment.Using the Learning Resources, the Walden Library, and/or an outside source, locate additional scholarly resources to support your Read and Reflect assignment.Post a 2- to 3-page Journal reflection that includes the following:An explanation of the new learning you encountered this week in particular, what new insights you have regarding DI, and how you might implement them in your classroom and school settingA description of at least five websites or technologies that you gleaned from the class webliography and why you found them useful or interestingA rationale for the lesson plan you chose for your Final Course AssignmentA minimum of two essential questions you have about this course and what you hope to gain as an educator by participating in this courseFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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