‘Understanding Serious and Organised Acquisitive Crime through the exploration o

‘Understanding Serious and Organised Acquisitive Crime through the exploration of theft from Heavy Goods Vehicles’; is the title of my research project – it is not in the form of a research question, just a statement like this.Research Aim: To explore the level of organisation involved in the theft of goods from Heavy Goods Vehicles and understand whether cargo theft can be considered a serious and organised crime type.Research Objectives: 1. To understand methods used to steal cargo and whether such methods indicate cargo theft is a serious and organised crime2. To understand situational factors surrounding cargo theft that may contribute to the crime being serious and organised3. To compare and contrast the UK cargo theft situation with worldwideI need you to write the discussion section (2686 words) for my dissertation please, I have attached each section of the dissertation that i have done so far, including the project proposal, so that the writer can understand the project and what has already been done.I have already written the project proposal/introduction/Literature review/Methodology and results that have been fully written up after analysis.I will also send you a powerpoint that has been given by my university to guide us on what they are expecting from the discussion section – so that you know how I would like the section to be – I don’t currently have access to this, and it will probably be Monday 14th March before I do, but I will try to send it to you as soon as possible.Obviously, because it is a discussion section, it will need critical analysis, comparing and contrasting results from the research with what was found/discussed in the literature review – therefore obviously please use the literature in my literature review, but also, if you can find some more sources that relate to ‘serious and organised crime’ or ‘time of day for cargo thefts’ or literature that discusses the ‘day of week most common for cargo thefts’ that would be great, as I would like 40 sources in this section.Also, suggesting or discussing why a certain result has been found, supporting why with a reliable and good reference. Further to that point, Please ALWAYS back up what you are saying with a reference and no unsupported personal statements. Also, don’t talk in absolutes please i.e.: saying things like ‘this could suggest that’, ‘this could indicate’, ‘it could be drawn from this that’ and phrases like: ‘However, Similarly, Yet’ to show you are being critical.I also have thought of some limitations of the project myself, for the limitations subsection of the discussion. But I would appreciate it if you could help me in terms of structuring my discussion in the best way so that it flows with the rest of the project and hits the research aim/objectives, remembering critical analysis of why certain outcomes were found and comparison with what the literature in my literature review found.Also, if you could, can you have a look at how I have written the other sections of the dissertation and try to phrase and write the discussion in similar language using similar sentence structures as I have, in order to make it sound like the work came from me.I also completed 6 chi square statistical tests utilising SPSS for my research, so I will attach the outputs that I spoke about in my results, and it would be good if you could compare what I have said about each of these chi squares to what literature has found about the same thing.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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