Understanding Ethical and Legal Considerations

To prepare for your assignment you need to read the following closely: Chapter 2, “Understanding Ethical and Legal Considerations.”This is an excellent introduction to these important topics, including: (this three topic information in the file)1. Your Ethical Obligations2. The Role of Corporate Culture in Ethical and Legal Conduct3. Understanding Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Social MediaYour goal with Memo Assignment is straightforward:1. Prove to me that you have read and thoroughly thought about the items enumerated above, focusing on at least three of the items.2. Compose a properly organized memo, adhering to conventions explained in the file informationMemo organization:• Descriiptive subject line. Indicate the main topics of your memo.• Situation-Message-Response opening paragraph. In 2 – 3 sentences, explain the context of your memo (you are submitting an assignment upon request), tell me what your memo’s main message is (the paragraphs following your two headings), and ask me for some sort of response.• Three descriiptive headings (one for each topic you discuss)• Compose one or two paragraphs per topic, proving to me you have read and thoroughly thought about the three items enumerated at the top of this page. Write precisely and concisely. Don’t “think out loud.” Get to your points.• Response/Deadline/Contact-info closing paragraph. Reiterate what you would like me to do. Give me a reasonable deadline to respond (think about what would be reasonable – there is actually a correct answer), and provide the contact information by which you would like my response.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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