Unbreakable Minds

First, you will watch the documentary Unbreakable Minds and then you respond to each of the prompts below.  The three men profiled during the film are identified below:          Randy (age 35) – struggling with medication          Brad (age 31) – working to help himself and finish school          Rob (age 42) – looking for a new home   Assignment InstructionsReflect on the film and apply what you have learned from your reading in this course by responding to the following prompts.  1.      What specific examples did you see of the 3 stages of schizophrenia? Be specific! 2.      What specific examples did you see of the positive, negative and disorganized symptoms of schizophrenia? Be specific! 3.      What do you observe about mental illness treatment options AND obstacles? 4.      What do you observe about the role of social support in the course and outcome for those with mental illness? 5.      What do you observe about the impact of mental illness on the family? 6.      What was one thing you observed that surprised you about people living with mental illness? 7.      Comment about how the film impacted you as a viewer. Requirements         Your paper should be 4-6 pages.          Refer to the rubric for specific grading criteria.         All papers must be double spaced, 12 font using APA format. While the entire paper must be in APA format, there does NOT need to be an abstract for this paper.         Please make sure that grammar, punctuation, etc. is correctFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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