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In this assignment, you will create a professional quality travel brochure (example of title page and first two days) for a 7-day itinerary to explore the civilization of your choice. YOU MAY CHOOSE ANY CIVILIZATION EXCEPT THE CIVILIZATION THAT WAS ASSIGNED TO YOU AT THE BEGINNING OF THE COURSE. However, this will not be an ordinary tourist brochure… rather, this is your opportunity to show that you have gained a solid ability to dissect a civilization’s chronology and development from the same anthropological perspectives we have used througout the course in our essays. Your itinerary should follow the chronological development of the civilization you choose. Your brochure should demonstrate a clear understanding of the culture’s evolution. The itinerary should also include detailed activities (e.g. food, lodging, etc.) that incorporate elements of the modern culture(s) that may inhabit surrounding areas of your tour. The assignment is designed to give you creative freedom in how you create this brochure. It can be geared toward a budget backpacker, a high-end travel tycoon, or anything in between. However, your brochure and style of adventure should present clear consistency. While you can use any applications you want to create the brochure, your assignment must be submitted as a PDF file displaying 8.5 x 11 inch pages. I strongly encourage you to create your brochure using PowerPoint, where each slide is a different page of the brochure. The brochure is worth 20% of your total class grade. In your brochure, NO QUOTED MATERIAL IS ALLOWED! Your brochure should offer day-by-day details for the 7-day itinerary, including:An attractive title page. This is where you draw your clients in! Make your target audience and your target adventure clear.A 7-day itinerary such that the stops/days reflect key aspects of the civilization’s growth or evolution, in chronological order.All details of travel (air, ground, etc), including starting and stopping points, as well as duration of travel, for major distances. These details are NOT necessary for simply traveling from a hotel/hostel to a particular point of interest within a city.A section devoted to explaining the cultural importance (as well as chronological context) of each and every stop on the itinerary. This is where you should include explicit references/explanations regarding our anthropological topics (i.e., geography & economy, politics & religion, science & technology, communication & aesthetics, conflict & inequality). I expect this text to take up at least half of your brochure’s layout, in order to be comprehensive.All details for food and lodging (e.g., local hotels that will be used, restaurants, specific cuisine, etc.). This could provide flexibility for you to address important topics within your civilization. For example, take in a show at an old theater if dramatic performance was part of your civilization’s aesthetic strength. Experience specific crops in local cuisine that date back to thousands of years ago, in terms of domestication. Attend an MMA fight if sports were a key component to your civilizations economy. Be creative to weave the modern world into the ancient civilization!Images! Make your brochure come to life with relevant images.Maps! Help your readers understand their locations and movements on a day-by-day basis.Note that your brochure DOES NOT need to include references! It is your job to construct a high-quality informational brochure that meets the highest possible expectations in the following categories: CONTEXT (30%)A perfect brochure demonstrates an itinerary that helps the reader understand key cultural elements of the chosen civilization (including elements of all 5 of our anthropological topics (i.e., geography & economy, politics & religion, science & technology, communication & aesthetics, conflict & inequality). The text should also help to demonstrate how that civilization evolved over time and how the itinerary traces that evolution.DETAILS (30%)A perfect brochure includes substantial detail and/or specific examples to help the reader understand what the travel/activities/lodging/food will be like.MARKETING VALUE (40%)A perfect brochure makes a clear effort to present the material in a polished and intriguing manner. The project has clearly been reviewed and edited for typos, glitches, and other minor mistakes. The brochure conveys information in a way that is appealing to a broad audience, and it follows a theme/title/style consistently to highlight important material pertaining to our understanding of ancient civilizations and the proposed travel.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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