To Prepare:Read Chapter 13 of the Jansson text. Review the feedback you

To Prepare:Read Chapter 13 of the Jansson text. Review the feedback you received on the following Assignments (Attached): Final Project Milestone 1: Identification of a Social Problem (Week 2) Final Project Milestone 2: Issue Statement and Identification of a Policy (Week 4) Final Project Milestone 3: Social Advocacy Proposal (Week 6) Final Project Milestone 4: Policy Alternative (Week 8) Select at least six scholarly sources to support your final report. The sources can be from the Learning Resources throughout the course or from your own independent literature searches.By Day 7Submit a 3-page final reportof your Social Change Project. The final report should include thefollowing: Provide a brief synopsis of the social problem (Racial Inequality among African American in the health care system) and policy (The Executive Order (EO) 13985 Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government) you identified. Describe the steps of your project: How did your experiences as a social work professional and your own goals for advocacy inform your selection of a social problem? How did your knowledge of, or prior experiences with, the social problem inform your policy analyses? What did you learn through each step, including your selection of a social problem, identification of a policy, proposal for advocacy, and recommendation for a policy alternative? Reflecting on your experience, identify 23 opportunities for growth. What would you do differently based on your recent learnings?  For example, you might select a different policy alternative that would be better received by elected officials (or other decision makers in a position of power). Or you might use different strategies when speaking in front of a group to advocate for change. Explain how policy relates to direct practice. Describe how you will apply advocacy skills as a social worker. Be sure to incorporate at least five scholarly articles you found using standard APA format.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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