This week’s written assignment is about using your voice to make an impact on he

This week’s written assignment is about using your voice to make an impact on health care policy. The American Nurses Association is a powerful force to advance the cause for nurses at a national level. The ANA lists their top legislative issues , including safe staffing and protecting nurses from workplace violence. It is fitting to belong to your state nurses association to be kept abreast of legislative issues that affect you locally as a nurse. The Indiana State Nurses Association provides a list of legislators to contact so that your voice can be heard.To understand what is happening within health care, nurses must be aware of policies and practices that affect their practice and the people they serve. To truly understand the depth and breadth of the issue, you must see both sides and various viewpoints.Directions: Write a formal 1-3 page paper in APA format that addresses the following:1. Select an issue that affects today’s health care system. This can be at a community, state, or national level. Please write a paragraph about the issue and its impact on you as a nurse and/or the nursing profession.2. Choose at least two (2) sources from the literature that view the issue from each of the opposing sides (minimum of 4 sources total).3. Write a 1-2 paragraph(s) that compare and contrast the pros and cons of policy change regarding your identified health care issue. Use the references from step #2 to support your statements.4. Write a paragraph explaining which side you choose to support and how you believe that will impact health care at a local or national level.5. List the steps you would take to advocate for policy change. This must include a person and/or group at the community, state or federal level that could assist in advocacy. This should serve as a roadmap to help your cause.(GRADING RUBRIC ATTACHED IN THE FILES)For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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