This week you will engage in a virtual scenario where you will play the role of

This week you will engage in a virtual scenario where you will play the role of an Emergency Manager who is preparing for a mass gathering event.  You will interface with different members of the Incident Command System, and will observe and influence how they interact with each other in managing any incidents that may happen.  This is intended to give you a view of how all roles come together to function as a team, and prepare you for your final project in the course.Play Online or Download and install the simulation.  (381MB)  *Please note: Your computer’s antivirus program might flag this download as “unknown.”  AMU Classroom Support verifies it is safe to install.  Play through the experience.  This should take 15-20 minutes.  Afterward, please post on the following topics:What are some ways that you see the principles of Incident Command demonstrated in this simulation, and some ways they could have been implemented better?Do you feel Incident Command is more important before or after an event?  How did you feel the scenario did or did not align with your view?Effective Incident Management depends on teamwork among individuals and agencies, in assigning and executing responsibilities.  What possible challenges did you see in the scenario that would need to be handled in the Incident Command system?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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