This unit deals with self-confidence, goal-setting, and concentration. All areas

This unit deals with self-confidence, goal-setting, and concentration. All areas that are KEY to performance. Please do the exercises below and make sure you post your responses.Self-confidenceFirst, I would like you to take the self-confidence survey found in the course appendices/handout. The goal of this is to help you understand your own levels of self-confidence. Now if you do not think you can complete this as you have not participated in any competitive sports, you can use a colleague/friend but you need to be clear with them that the purpose of this is just to understand more about confidence and not to work with them on changing it. Then, in consideration of your scores:1. Summarize what you found2. How might there be situational specificity of self-confidence?3. What other factors (consider your readings/lecture) would contribute to this?Goal-settingUse the worksheet (Activity 15.1 Examining Your Goals) and complete the questions.You need not do Activities 15.2 and 15.3 but they do assist in clarifying and prioritizing goals.Then, complete: Activity 15.4 Overcoming Common Goal-Setting Problems.1. Historically, how have you done at setting goals?2. Would a process like this (clarifying goals and identifying barriers) be helpful for you? For athletes? For coaches?3. Why do you think your strategies for overcoming barriers would work?ConcentrationRead the following case study and answer the questions to help George change his self-talk from negative to positive.Case StudyGeorge is a talented wrestler who over the course of his career has compiled a record of 40-11. At last year’s sectional tournament, this is what happened:As George weighed in, he saw his scheduled opponent, Jim, who attended a rival high school. Jim looked bigger and stronger than the usual competitors in George’s weight class. George began to question whether Jim would even make weight. As the weigh-in continued, George learned that Jim did indeed make weight. In addition, he discovered that the only time Jim was defeated during the season was when he wrestled up a class. George began to think about Jim’s size, how strong he looked, and his record.At warm-ups, George began to question his own ability to wrestle against Jim. He watched Jim and dwelt on how strong and tough he looked. George began to think, “I can’t possibly beat Jim. What will my friends and teammates think of me if I lose? If this guy is as strong as he looks, he might pin me. That would really be embarrassing.”These thoughts commanded George’s attention. As a result, his warm-up was not particularly good. He moved off the mat with an uneasy feeling. Still he eyed Jim. As their match grew closer, Jim appeared to be relaxed and focused on the bout. George was still dwelling on Jim’s size and strength and on the outcome of the match. He appeared distracted and expressed his worries.Questions1. What are three negative statements George might have made to himself?2. How can you help George recognize these statements?3. What positive self-statements could George make to dispute each of the negative statements?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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