this is child development assignment.  Read chapters one and two in the NurtureS

this is child development assignment. Read chapters one and two in the NurtureShock book. Then choose one chapter and discuss the main message or key concepts the author(s) is/are trying to portray in regards to the topic of  “Inverse Power of Praise” or ” The Lost Hour.” Note: Keep your response simple and right to the point (No more than half a page). Begin by writing the chapter (1 or 2), and then the title. Please upload your picture on Canvas under profile, if you have not done so. As your peers and faculty are reading your responses, then we will be able to look at your picture. Grading ScaleWritten in essay/narrative form, no bullets, doubled-spaced, Times New Roman (12pt.), Arial (11pt.), Calibri (11pt.), or Georgia (11pt.) font. Free of mechanical errors (2 points)The discussion includes a clear and concise description of how the topic content explains the main message or key concepts (For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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