The role of OT after strike

For Written Annotated Bibliography:1) Read the provided occupational therapy based article.2) Paragraph 1 & 2: Type a 200-250-word summary of the article. Answer the question in the chart below.***Handwritten Annotated Bibliographies will automatically receive a 10-point deduction from the overall score.***3) Upon submission, instructor will randomly assign a number to each submission, copy each document twice, and anonymously assign each student 2 peer’s submission for a “peer review process”.4) The students will have 1 week to review the 2 newly assigned submissions to provide feedback to their peers. This is emailed back to the instructor for a completion grade.5) The instructor will collect the edited versions to redistribute to the original author.6) The original author will receive the 2 peer edits along with the 2 typed peer feedback forms.7) The students will have 1 week to make any corrections to their final draft for a final grade to be recorded.Table format option vs. narrative format:Citation:What is the article/research about? (Summary of what the article is about)What were the researchers studying and why? Was this a qualitative or quantitative study? Explain.Who completed the article/research and why are they considered to be credible sources of information?Which population was studied?What were the results of article/research?How does this research impact the field of OT? How can you, as a therapist, utilize this evidence in your practice?on the rubric that should be the only thing looked ati need those questions answered in paragraph apa formatand please be clear of plagerismFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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