The perfect Crime

 The  is a true story of a 1924 murder committed by 2 wealthy young men. The story addresses the dynamics of the self, choices, actions, and social cognition. A juncture and conflict of assumptions due to social status, internal-external attribution, and morality are clearly illustrated in this documentary.After viewing the documentary, answer the following statements in an essay format of 500 to 600 words using well-developed sentences and paragraphs. Include at least 3 references from your textbook and/or other academic sources. APA formatting is expected.Identify and explain 2 examples of internal-external attribution demonstrated by the accused, the jurists, family members, or lawyers.In what way(s) did impressions impact the development of the trial process?Describe an example of confirmation bias in this case; how often do you think confirmation bias is a factor when deciding the general outcome of court trials?How does scripture address the administration of the equality of justice?Video Link For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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