The Final Project requires the student to find a current case of an organization

The Final Project requires the student to find a current case of an organization/brand/company who is either (a) engaging in a positive social responsibility campaign or (b) acting in a manner that is ethically questionable. The paper should include the following:Introduce the organizationOutline the the issues involved in the caseDocument the Strategic Communication Tactics used in the case.Offer perspective on the behaviors in the case and its effect on stakeholders and society in general.Provide a conclusionTo find a case to write about, students should explore current news media, trade press and/or company websites.For this initial draft, complete an annotated outline. An annotated outline usually has comments, explanations and references to the material you will write. You are telling us what you are going to tell us. An example of an annotated out is Sample #2 located here. Write your annotated outline like this sample.Assignment Format: MS Word Document; APA formatLength: 4  pagesCitations Required: Minimum 3 Scholarly ReferenceFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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