The Environment of Public Organizations: Environment-Organization Relations, Politics and Public Policy, Technology and Organizational Structure; Economics and Power; The Legislature, The Court, and the Executives

 Watch the Charlie Chaplin’s movie from YouTube or other sources, and then answer the following questions in a 1-2 page essay report.Here is the link: how this movie relates to the general and specific issues covered in the chapters 4-5 of Rainey’s book.  Specifically, comment on the Cultural, Managerial, Organizational, Supervisory, Technological, Mental and Psychological, and Social Dimensions…What is happening, and how can this happen in the twenty-first century organizations—200-300 words. The Movie assignment adds a maximum of 2 Extra points to the Discussion Board under Module 7.  Caution: Do not borrow review comments from the Movie reviews published on the Internet. You must watch the Movie first and answer to questions regarding the Seven Dimensions noted above.  For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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