The 4 Ps of a Proposal: Passion, Problem, Purpose, PlanBefore you can conduct re

The 4 Ps of a Proposal: Passion, Problem, Purpose, PlanBefore you can conduct research, develop a thesis, or submit an article for publication, you must first identify your areas of interest (PASSION). Likewise, once you establish your areas of research interest, you must identify a legitimate problem that exists which can be researched and potentially answered in the allotted time of class (PROBLEM). After establishing the general problem, you assert the purpose of the research and its importance in the field (PURPOSE). Finally, you assert and develop a schedule or outline to stay on target (PLAN).For this discussion, take some time to reflect and answer the following questions. You will use the guidance provided by others in this discussion to complete the Unit 1 Proposal Template.What are you passionate about? If you could change anything relative to health, healthcare, or healthcare administration, what would it be and why?What problems exist in your identified area? Is this something that you can tolerate researching for 10 weeks? Is the problem researchable? Is the problem easily answered?What is the purpose of conducting this potential research? Why is this important? Why would others be interested?What is your plan on completing your capstone? Do you plan on submitting your work for publication once you graduate? How do you plan on staying on target? Who can you rely on for support if you need it? *I’m passion about helping people and make a difference in their life. this class is my last class for my master in Health Care Administration.I’m working as a Lab technician Mean whileI work with elderly as a CHHA.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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