Take Home Essay: American Factory

Watch the film “American Factory” on Netflix. https://www.netflix.com/watch/81090071?trackId=13752289&tctx=0%2C6%2C8c1ce94b961284ee7ef0f47af8316c2c16307f96%3Aad3ccec92840e0021c90b45567b411b850715306%2C8c1ce94b961284ee7ef0f47af8316c2c16307f96%3Aad3ccec92840e0021c90b45567b411b850715306%2Cunknown%2C%2C%2CtitlesResultsPROMPT:1. Begin by writing a clear and concise summary of the film (about half a page)2. Identify 3 specific themes, relationships, and/or events depicted in the film that you think   relate directly to Marxist theory (about 1 page for each)2a. Analyze each respective theme/relationship/event you choose by tying them to specific  Marxist concepts/claims2b. Your analyses should include discussion of consistencies and inconsistencies with the    Marxist concepts/claims you chose to highlight in 2a. INFORMAL RUBRICContent: Each esssay will be graded on its own terms based on how you chose to answer it  and which of Marx’s themes you chose to analyze. We’ll be focused on accuracy of your        claims and the extent to which you show a general knowledge of the Marxist principles you   chose to address and how they can be applied to the film.Clarity: As always, your essay will be judged in part on how clearly organized and written it is. Avoid confusing, convoluted sentences/paragraphs!Use of Examples: Essays that provide specific examples from the film to illustrate your claims will be graded better than those that speak largely in generalities. There is no minimum          required number of examples; how many you provide will depend on how you chose to           approach the question and space limitations. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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