Student Chapter 3 Presentation

I am needing this Powerpoint to be redone. Read Chapter 3(Provided) I am needing 2 articles from scholarly journals added and also onewebsite or popular media to contribute to the powerpoint as this was not donethe first time around. Feel free to include current events to assist you withthis powerpoint presentation. Also include supporting literature covering thechapter topic. Be sure to include a reference slide. The final slide of thepowerpoint should include 3 ‘Questions to Consider’ to facilitate discussionwith other classmates, you may use questions from the chapter or create yourown. The Powerpoint to be redone is provided. For references: Atieno Okech, J. E., & Rubel, D. J. (2019). Counseloreducation in the 21st century: Issues and experiences. Alexandria, VA: AmericanCounseling Association. ( Chapter 3)Two articles from scholarly journals to be included inpresentation and also (references) One reference from website or popular media to contribute tothe chapter presentation One reference that will support the literature covering thechapter topic In total their should be 5 referencesFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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