Step 1: Choose a debatable topic. Covid Vaccine  Step 2: Briefly identify your t

Step 1: Choose a debatable topic. Covid Vaccine Step 2: Briefly identify your topic, state which side you support, and state why you support it. This is, essentially, a rough introduction to your essay and should contain a clearly stated thesis. Label this “Argumentative Intro”Step 3: List/describe (as many as you can) the likely reasons why someone may disagree with you. Label this “Opposing Viewpoints.” Remember, in your rough and final drafts you should be responding to these opposing viewpoints, or showing how your side of the argument is stronger, but you may not be ready for that step just yet.Step 4: List the bibliographic citation information for AT LEAST one of your sources (remember, you must have AT LEAST 3 sources for this essay) and write a brief (150 word) summary and evaluation of the source(s). This is exactly what you should be doing for your Annotated Bibliography. Label this “Research.”For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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