Speech Analysis

This is Tarantinos Speech link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQkZO3YkXXU&t=2sHe was a dynamic speaker, and he moved smoothly through his presentation, but at other times, moved in a haphazard way. Write an approx. 400 word essay analyzing Tarantino’s speech.  You do not have to agree with him, just analyze his speech and his way of speaking to the audience.Here are some speech elements and questions to consider for your essay. Tarantino’s introduction Did he speak enough about collaboration?  Tell one or two examples of collaboration that were spoken of. Did he use notes?  Were they adequate enough?  What was his personal background that he shared?  What was the significance?  Example: the video store What was the significance of examples: like watching many low-budget films. His definitions His comparisons His organizationHis problems and solutions  Any distractions, or noise in the channel? for example “f.o.”, or “Damoclese” His stream-of-conscious manner of speaking  His storytelling, such as with De Niro. Did he achieve the goal of his speech: “It’s not your job to create your vision …” His gestures, eye contact with audience, body language and physicality The quality and volume of his voice Did he include a conclusion or summary, a memorable ending? Other?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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