Social Issue Paper: Initial Draft For this initial assessment of your chosen soc

Social Issue Paper: Initial DraftFor this initial assessment of your chosen social issue you will need to select one of the two podcast topics you have been working with for the past two weeks.  Decide which topic you find the most compelling, and that you commit to working on for the duration of our class.  Once you have made your decision answer the questions below and submit your response to the assignment submission page on Canvas.  The questions are like your first worksheet, but I am asking you to go more in depth with your response now that you have done a few class readings and supplemental materials on your subject. You may type your answers directly onto this word document.The social Issue I am choosing to work with is:After listening to the Making Contact episode on my issue and viewing two pieces of supplemental information answer the following:1) Describe the problem & provide evidence of the problem.2) Describe the consequences of the problem. Who is harmed? How? Who benefits? How? 3) What are the causes of the problem? What are the immediate causes? What are the root causes? What are three questions you want to answer regarding your issue during this course.  You will refer to these questions for your Final Social Issue Analysis Paper.1.2.3.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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