Session 4 New Testament Response Paper

Your final paper should be one to two-pages in length. Address one of the following options in your response: 11In your reading of Gundry this session, the author argued that Romans 1:16-17 serves as the theme of all of the epistles. Study this verse and continue reading all the way through Romans 8 (Romans 1:16-18). As you read, trace this theme in Romans 2-8. In a 2-3 paragraph response, briefly discuss how the theme of 1:16-17 is evident throughout Romans chapters 2-8. Make sure that you reference any material that you are citing.22Paul left Titus behind on Crete to straighten out a number of problems that Paul had not been able to resolve. Titus clearly had his hands full. The letter is short: read it and address the following:Summarize the various challenges that Titus faced while shepherding the church in Crete.Which of these challenges relate to challenges that todays modern church or todays modern Christian faces? What wisdom from the book of Titus is insightful while facing these challenges?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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