Serial Killers in the Media

Please carefully read the conditions for this assignment. This assignment allows for some creativity. We will not be answering questions or giving more details on this assignment. There are numerous documentaries, news videos, and true crime shows on the topic of serial killers. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc., have added greatly to our access and interest in this rare but evocative criminology topic.For this assignment, you are asked to provide an originally written summary about a documentary or true crime show featuring a real serial killer case. The case is your choice and may be one with an identified offender, or a cold case that remains under investigation. In formatting your response, you must provide a URL or the full title (and proper citation for your source.)For example in APA style,  Author, A.A. (year, month day). Title of video [Video]. YouTube. URL http://xxxxxUse the name of the account that uploaded the video as the author.Provide the specific date on which the video was uploaded. Italicize the title of the video.Include the description [Video] in square brackets after the title.Provide the site name (YouTube) and URL of the video.Your summary of the case should be 150-250 words. In this summary, you are asked to include One (1) Theory from either the Classical, Positivist, or Sociological School, that you feel best explains the offender. In other words, how are psychological or sociological theories demonstrated in this show?Submissions should be in word or pdf file or entered directly in the text box provided for this assignment. Please limit your response to the word count requested and include your source appropriately in a work cited section.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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