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I need the following questions asnswered in a well devolped Mastewr Student short essay from  Daniel Kellers book Chasing Literacy: Reading and Writing in an Era of AccelerationAfter reading the first half of Daniel Keller’s “Chasing Literacy,” respond to the following prompts.Why is Keller’s text important or useful when it comes to understanding literacy in our current moment?What is Keller’s stated argument in the first half of the book? In your opinion, what is the implicit or underlying argument?What are some of the limits of Keller’s argument?What counts as evidence for Keller? What data and sources does he use to support his claims?What connections can you make among Keller and other authors we’ve read?What key terms or questions stand out to you after reading part 1?In cite quotations MUST follow MLA 9 guidelines. No Work cited page neededFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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