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Read the information below———-and give a opinion on the onformation…The most interesting lesson I learned from this week’s reading is the change of sexuality as the times are changing. For example, people used to live in rural areas around the U.S. However, they soon started to move into big cities to find jobs and make money. As a result, the typical family structure they were used to started to change. While living in rural areas, families were more complex, had more extended family members, and overall had a network of kinship. Living in a city pushed people to have smaller familial units, if that. Some people moved to the city and started living alone or with other people as a pair or group. This also happened around the time when women were fighting for the right to vote and started to enter the workforce with men. Overall, moving into the city brought a lot of economic and societal change and it’s cool to read about how these changes influenced sexuality. For example, Lilian Faderman explains how this move to the city allowed for the emergence of romantic friendships among women, as seen in Boston marriages. City environments also allowed for more exposure to sex cultures, such as prostitution and the Sexual Underground. Urban centers were areas where people could explore sexuality and engage in a variety of intimate and erotic arrangements. It makes me think about people who are moving to the city for the first time in today’s society and how similar the experiences might be. They’re basically being introduced to a new world after having to live a certain way and follow certain gender norms for a long period of their life. Even now, people want to go to the city to explore what it has to offer. Not only did it open the doors to exploring sex, but it also helped us progress into a more sexually-accepting society. For instance, contraceptives started becoming available. Sex, sexual diversity, and alternative intimate arrangements started coming to light and becoming more visible. For a long time, this culture was hidden from a lot of people. The change in time periods has allowed for these practices and explorations to become more visible, which might have helped people who were struggling with their sexuality by being able to see society becoming more open about sex and sexuality. Overall, by leaving their bubble of rural areas, the field of sexology was born because of people’s concern about the rapid changes they were seeing in family structures and sexual practices (a whole field of study was created!) . For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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