Resources: Alternative Business Plan Outline, Operations Plan Checklist, Introdu

Resources: Alternative Business Plan Outline, Operations Plan Checklist, Introduction to Operations Management Slide Deck, Operations Strategy Slide Deck, Process Design & Evaluation Slide Deck, Supply Network Design & Forecasting, and ERP Slide DeckOur business is a mom and pop pizza shopPlease write a 4-6 page paper detailing the various aspects of the new venture’s operations. Where necessary, the learning team will perform the required calculations for goods manufcaturing, or service provision (quality, durability, etc.)When crafting the operations plan, there are a number of issues the team should be aware of, and may have to mitigate in the course of operating their small business. Topics to cover include:The operating cycle for the business- Seasonal, counter-cyclic, number of shifts, etc.Physical plant location, layout of plant, workflow through the plant, inventory facilities & equipment maintenance, etc.Supply Chain inputs like manufacturing resource planning (for product-oriented businesses) or enterprise resource planning (for service-oriented firms,) inventory control, inbound & outbound logistics, etc.Master scheduling of production and/or services;Constraints placed on workflow due to plant layout, MRP, and scheduling- This includes the risks and assumptions placed on operations from the supply chain.The more of these questions the team can answer, the easier it will be for investors to understand the operations of the new venture.Format your paper using APA guidelines. The Cover sheet, references page, and any visual aids you may use to provide support to your central thesis are NOT included in the page count.Include a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed sources that you will find in the University’s Library. Sources used must conform to academic rigor. If you do not know if the source you want to use is academically rigorous, then please ask.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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