Researching Interest Groups

Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a file upload Available Feb 28 at 12am – Mar 4 at 11:00pm 4 daysThe purpose of this assignment is to help students get a better understanding of interest groups and interest groups within their topics. Students are to write a 2-3 page– double-spaced essay (not including reference page) about two interest groups that relate to their problem and solution (stated on 4.4 Assignment).Here are some useful links to help you in researching interest groups: to an external site. to an external site. to an external site. The essay needs to address the following:Names interest groupsThe mission of the interest groupsWhat does the interest group do?Who is the head of the interest group?Contact info?What does the interest group say about your problem/solution (problem/solution stated in Assignment 4.4)?Or why should the interest group address your solution if it doesnt?At least 2-course concepts- vocabulary/data/facts in the course textbook.Concepts should be highlighted and cited. Also, you need to define the concept. By defining the concept, it shows me that you understand the readings/lecture.Example: A bureaucracy is any organization that is structured hierarchically (Barbour and Wright 325, 2015).How to cite course lecture:Instructor’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of PowerPoint Presentation.” Date of PowerPoint presentation, Title of Course, Columbia College. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Example:Moctezuma, Sonia. “Bureaucracy.” 20 February 2018, Political Science 101, Modesto Junior College. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Remember this paper should be in ESSAY format. You must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Since you are using information from the interest group website, you MUST CITE it (PLEASE USE MLA). Please complete this assignment on a Word Document then upload your file once you complete the assignment. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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