Research Investigation Progress Check

Overview: Throughout the first two modules, you have been guided through work on Project One (a research investigation), which you will       continue to work on in Modules Three through Five and will formally submit to your instructor at the end of Module Five. This assignment         provides  you with an important opportunity to get valuable instructor feedback on the progress you are making and to ensure you are on the   right  track for your later submission.Prompt: Throughout the first two modules, you have explored social science issues for further investigation and examined social science           principles that relate to issues of interest to you. Specifically, in this assignment, you will submit the Project One elements listed below for         review by your instructor.In Module Two: Exploring Social Science Issues (Continued), learning block 2–2 (page 4), you began working on the following section of the      prompt:I. IntroductionA. Describe the issue in the social sciences that you have selected to investigate. Why is this issue significant?In Module Two: Exploring Social Science Issues (Continued), learning block 2–3 (page 2), you completed the following work:II. BodyA. Identify the social science principles that apply to your issue. In other words, which principles of social science apply to the issue you           selected?B. Explain how the principles you identified apply to your issue. In other words, how are the social science principles you identified relevant to   your issue?Please note that the numbering included above directly aligns with the numbering of these elements as they are presented in the Project One Guidelines and Rubric document.RubricGuidelines for Submission: Submit your progress check assignment as a Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12–point Times New Roman font, and one–inch margins. Your submission should be at least 1 page in length. Any citations should be formatted according to APA        styleFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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