Religion Politic #3

Choose TWO of the three questions below, and write an essay answer for each. Each answer should be UP TO TWO double-spaced pages, using 11 or 12 font and normal margins (!) Basically, each question should be an essay of 2 pages, and you have to answer two of the three questions separately. Please have a thesis statement to address the problem. You can only use the readings provided and do not use any outside sources. Please make sure to cite the sources in-text (In-text citation). Other than the readings, I also attached the course powerpoints for your reference. Again, only use the class materials. The more you use, the better. Please make sure you include the following for each essay:Introduction with clear thesis statement;Development of the thesis statement craft two or three major points to support it (use authors names and concepts support with empirical evidence this should be the bulk of the essay;Define any concepts or terms you use!!!Address any major alternative arguments why does your analysis still hold up?A brief conclusion that accords with your initial thesis statement!Cite the authors you use (in-text is fine, and you do NOT need a bibliography or list of references), you should cite the author and, IF you are using a quote or paraphrase, the page number;Each essay should use at least three sources from class (see below — you may use additional sources but you DO NOT have to do so if you do use them, they should NOT be the central component of your analysis or evidence);Each essay should be distinct. (Some evidence, sources, and points can overlap, but not all!)Also, write as clearly and concisely as possible!And, enjoy thinking through these questions and developing your answers!     1. Peter Berger and Jos Casanova connect the secularization thesis and cosmopolitanism, tracing them back to Enlightenment thought. Does the historical evidence provided by them and/or others indicate that cosmopolitan ideas about religion have had a positive or negative impact overall (or both, or neither)? (Use at least three sources from class to make your argument; make sure to define the terms above and any others you use!)     2. According to Goodwin and Morgenstein Fuerstes podcast, Religion is always political. Overall, do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why or why not? (Remember to use at least three sources from class to make and support your argument.)     3. Given the evidence provided thus far, how would you characterize the impact of modernity (e.g. positive, negative, neither, or both) on specific religious traditions (you may choose two or three traditions, or draw from a broader range of them)? RUBRIC (for each essay): (12.5 pts each/ 25 pts total)Clear thesis statement: 2 pointsArgument development (points made clearly) with evidence: 6 pointsAddressing and analyzing any major alternative argument/s: 1 pointConclusion: 1.5 pointsCitations (in-text only! number and use of sources): 2 pointsFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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