reflection week 8

Please see UPload if week 5 refleaction to complete this assignmentWe want to know what you think and how youre doing! Let us know by responding to a few questions that will help you reflect on what you learned this week.The following prompts will give you a chance to self-evaluate, to think about what youve been learning in this course, and to draw your own conclusions about how you can apply your technology and productivity skills in your life. Your answers may be used to determine how to improve the program for future students. Your answers will not be used for marketing purposes. Be sure to use your own words!Over the past few weeks you have been learning about the technology and productivity skills. Think back to the career field and position you described in the Week 5 reflection. Then write 13 sentences for each of the following:1. Restate the position that you are interested in obtaining.2. Discuss two ways your technology skill could help you obtain or be successful in the position.3. Discuss two ways your productivity skill could help you obtain or be successful in the position.4. Identify one aspect of either your technology or productivity skill that you would like to improve to become even better equipped for success in your desired position.5. Describe a strategy or find a resource that will help you make that improvement.Make sure you submit your reflection to receive credit.Click Start Submission in the Assignment Submission area to write your answers or upload your reflection response.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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