Refer to the assigned readings for Nightingale, Watson, and Benner. Respond to t

Refer to the assigned readings for Nightingale, Watson, and Benner.Respond to the following questions:IntroductionA good introduction typically begins with a few general statements about a topic followed by a purpose. One example of a purpose statement is: The purpose of this paper/presentation is to discuss  Nightingale’s theory and how it relates to practice. Next, Watson’s theory will be defined, and address one clinical situation using the theory. Benner’s theory will then be presented in relation to the student’s current practice. Finally, the benefits of learning about nursing theories will be discussed. Nightingale’s TheoryDescribe Nightingale’s theory with a reference.How does this theory relate to nursing practice? Watson’s TheoryDescribe Watson’s theory with a reference.Describe at least one clinical situation when you used this theory, even if you were not aware of the theory at the time.Benner’s TheoryDescribe Benner’s theory with a reference.Describe your current level of nursing practice based on Benner’s novice to expert model.Benefits of LearningDescribe the benefits of learning about nursing theory based on the course readings or other scholarly sources (reference).ConclusionA good conclusion summarizes the major points. No reference is required.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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