reality of News

The Reality of News Assignment ContentIdentify a national story that is currently in the news. Select two of the following major media outlets that are both covering the story:      ABC News      CBS News      CNN      Fox News      MSNBC      NPR Search for coverage of the news story you have selected from each of the two outlets.  Note: The stories you choose to compare may take the form of a live broadcast, video, audio, or printed word (e.g., you may select a CNN live broadcast and an ABC written article). Write a paper (in Word) of at least 1,000 words as a Word document that addresses the following:      Do both media outlets use a traditional journalistic perspective in presenting the story? Explain your response.      Are the sources used in the news stories appropriate or credible? Why or why not?      Is the message of the story the same as presented by each media outlet? What is the message of each story?      Did one story seem more believable to you than the other? Explain.      As outlined in your textbook, truthfulness, neutrality, and accuracy are three criteria for determining the quality of news. Did each story have all three? Did one story have more or less of one of the three qualities? What prompted you to determine this?      Does either outlet present the story in a manner that is biased? If so, how did you recognize the bias? If not, how did the story appear to avoid bias?      If one or both of the stories were biased in some way, what are your suggestions for making them more fair and balanced?      Does either story include overtones or elements of racial or gender stereotypes? If so, describe.      Do any of the stories appear to be incomplete or require additional context for viewers to fully understand the meaning?      Could different types of audiences interpret the stories in different ways? If so, in what ways? Include a title page at the front of your document showing the correct assignment title, the course name, your name, and the date consistent with APA format for title pages. Do not use font larger than 12 point, please. Include an APA format References page at the end of your document showing the sources you relied on for this assignment. Please avoid dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikis, and other sources that are too general for college-level work. The University of Phoenix Library is excellent and should always be your “go to” source for references. Make sure to list both of your news sources in correct APA format – including the month, date, and year of publication or broadcast. For help with APA, visit the Center for Writing Excellence at the link below. Proofread and edit your work to make sure it is organized well and is businesslike and professional in appearance. There should be no copy errors of any kind (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). For writing help, visit The Center for Writing Excellence or download and use Grammarly, a free program that can help identify errors as you type. Submit your assignment by the deadline shown in the instructions. A 10%-point penalty is assessed against assignments submitted up to four days after the deadline. After the fourth day past the deadline, assignments are not accepted for credit in this course. Refer to the document, Dr. Swansons policies on assignment submission in this course (under Course Content at the top of the online classroom) for details. Students with ADA accommodations should refer to their communication from the University in regard to assignment deadlines.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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