Reading Takeaway Assignment #2 Due: Feb 21 at 11:59pm Calendar JOU3003 RVC 1221

Reading Takeaway Assignment #2Due: Feb 21 at 11:59pmCalendar JOU3003 RVC 1221DetailsBased on the reading and video assignments, explain the role that broadcast journalism played in awakening Americans to racialoppression and the Civil Rights Movements of the the 1960’s. Cite specific events and outcomes of that era. Research additional sourcesand describe how broadcast journalism and citizen journalism continue to report on the ongoing struggle for social justice and the impactthey are having in shaping American history and your personal lives. Similarly, cite specific events and unique recent outcomes.Format: Two pages (maximum) of text with references (endnotes) on page 3.Please use a 12 point normal font (e.g. Times Roman, not italic or script).Margins should be one inch all around with page numbers.No cover sheet is required.Criteria for grading the takeaway (50 points).–Quality of presenting the substantive issues, demonstrating understanding of the topic and knowledge of the topic.–Writing level—writing is clear and concise and explanations are cohesive and logical.–Citations use appropriate use of relevant citations.Header: Your name.Course title.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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