Read the attached texts.  While you are reading, think about how engagement buil

Read the attached texts. While you are reading, think about how engagement builds a learning community.  Your assignment:  1)  Read the texts2) Consider the concepts of student engagement, motivation, and active learning.3) Write a 5-7 page paper outlining the key points and summaries of each concept listed above.  This should demonstrate your new knowledge of these new concepts and how you consider them in your own experience(s) and future teaching.  Rather than an “academic research” type of paper, make it a personal reflection.  Connect the concepts of your own experiences as an online student (or a face-to-face student) with some ideas of what you think you will “do” with this information.  Include reflections such as:   how do student engagement and learning community coexist?   What was the “aha” moment you had when reading this text?  What is your primary takeaway?  How did this text impact the way you may design a course and/or teach an online course?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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