Read and annotate “Joy” by Zadie Smith. Note well: This is one of the two texts

Read and annotate “Joy” by Zadie Smith. Note well: This is one of the two texts you will be asked to use as evidence in your final exam. You MUST use both texts in the final exam.Then post two paragraphs (at least 200 words each):1) The first should be a summary of “Joy”. Use the “How to Write a Summary” (pdf in Course Materials) for a little more help with writing a summary. If you have trouble writing this summary, what questions do you have? What help do you need? (Writing Tip: When you write your essay, make sure to connect the text to your thesis in the topic sentence for the paragraph where you use this text as evidence.)2) The second paragraph should be a text-self or text-world connection: be descriptive; use at least one example from your experience or from your research into current or historical events, depending on the connection you are making.For the second paragraph, you may consider any of the following questions, depending on which connection you want to make:Text-SelfWhat does this remind me of in my life?What is this similar to in my life?How is this different from my life?Has something like this ever happened to me?How does this relate to my life?What were my feelings when I read this?ORText-worldWhat does this remind me of in the real world?How is this similar to things that happen in the real world? Current events? Something in the news? Historical events?How is this different from what happens in the real world?How does my knowledge of something that happened or still happens in the real world help me to understand the point of the reading or readings better?3) What questions do you have about the text?4) In addition to the post, reply to at least 2 classmates. Be thoughtful. Use at least 200 words and include a reason for your thoughts as well as examples from your research, experience, or the text. i will send you two of my classmates work and you will reply to it each a paragraphFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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