Psychology- human sexuality class Requirements & Rubric Purpose: The Research Pa

Psychology- human sexuality classRequirements & RubricPurpose: The Research Paper provides an opportunity for you to explore an area of interest in the study of human sexuality, and to demonstrate your understanding of, and ability to evaluate, research methods and ethics in sex research.Instructions: You’ll have already selected a topic from the approved topics list when you completed the Annotated Bibliography, and you’ve likely already read quite a bit about it. This is where you’ll put it all together, evaluating and summarizing what the current research and expert opinion shows, as well as reflect on what you’ve learned.Read about your topic widely, and summarize the research, findings, and conclusions of the experts.Discuss the methodology, the ethical standards, and the outcomes of each study.Evaluate ethical standards, usefulness of research design, and whether there are foreseeable practical benefits.Use the 5 highly credible sources, including your text as one the five that you outlined in your annotated bibliography.If you received feedback on your Annotated Bibliography that one of your sources was not considered a high quality source, then you will need to find another source.Again to review the quality of source, please check out: (Links to an external site.)Do not use Wikipedia or other .com or .net websites.Do not use personal experience or opinion, personal interviews with other people, or any other anecdotal evidence.Format:The paper needs to be in APA format, see template for example: Research Paper Template.docxThat includes a Title Page, Reference Page, double-spaced and typed in 12-point font.The paper needs to be a minimum of 8-10 pages (the title page and reference page do not count towards it).All sources used must be properly cited in the text and listed on the Reference page.RubricResearch PaperResearch PaperCriteria Ratings PtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeComprehension70 to >56.0 ptsFull MarksSummary & discussion of research clearly demonstrates understanding of the topic, methods, benefits & ethics.56 to >49.0 ptsGoodSummary & discussion of research indicate good understanding of the topic, methods, benefits & ethics.49 to >40.0 ptsAverageSummary & discussion of research indicate partial understanding of the topic, methods, benefits & ethics.40 to >30.0 ptsFairSummary & discussion of research indicate minimal understanding of the topic, methods, benefits & ethics.30 to >0 ptsPoorRequirements are missing, incorrect, off-topic, or plagiarized. Comprehension of material isn’t established.70 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormat20 to >18.0 ptsExcellent2500 words & 5 credible sources, including text. 1 – 3 APA errors.18 to >15.0 ptsGood2400- 2499 words & 4 credible sources, including text. 4 – 6 APA errors15 to >12.0 ptsAverage2250- 2399 words & 3 credible sources, including text. 7-10 APA errors12 to >9.0 ptsFair2100- 2249 words & few or inappropriate sources. 10+ APA errors9 to >0 ptsPoorFewer than 2099 words & sources inadequate APA absent20 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMechanics10 to >8.0 ptsExcellent1 – 3 errors in mechanics8 to >6.0 ptsGood4 – 6 errors in mechanics6 to >4.0 ptsAverage7 – 10 errors in mechanics4 to >2.0 ptsFairMore than 10 errors in mechanics2 to >0 ptsPoorIncomprehensible due to errors10 ptsTotal Points: 100For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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