Prompt: For the past few weeks, we have studied the Serial podcast. In our study

Prompt: For the past few weeks, we have studied the Serial podcast. In our study of the podcast, we have collected evidence regarding the case against Adnan Syed. Syeds case was presented to a jury over six weeks, and the jury deliberated for just two hours before convicting Adnan for the murder of Hae Min Lee. Weve considered this podcast from many angles. Weve discussed the structure of the podcast by considering whether Sarah Koenig reveals a bias in the first three episodes. Weve considered the questions this podcast raises about the stigma of being charged with crime, and weve furthered that discussion by considering how that stigma might affect investigations and the discarding of bad evidence.  Throughout all of this, youve recorded evidence and argument threads that could be used either for or against Adnan Syed, but now its up to you to evaluate the evidence that has been presented, the arguments that have been laid out, and determine where you fall. Task: Construct a well-written essay in which you evaluate the arguments presented in the Serial podcast to determine whether you would vote to convict or acquit Adnan Syed. Be thorough in your discussion of the case, your evaluation of the evidence, and your reasoning behind your decision.Requirements:Length: 1000-1200 words. In order for a thorough discussion of the prompt, your essay should fall within the word range.Usage & Mechanics: Errors in usage, mechanics, and formatting should be fixed before turning in your essay. The writing you turn in should be the best example of your writing.MLA Format: All essays must adhere to MLA standard formatting.12 Point Times New RomanDouble SpacedMLA HeaderMLA HeadingTitleIn text parenthetical citations (Title Episode.Page Number)Example: Koenig characterizes Adnan as innocent or harmless by emphasizing his big brown eyes like a dairy cow to her listeners (Serial 01.17).For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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