Preparing for a career in HR management For this project, you will select one of

Preparing for a career in HR managementFor this project, you willselect one of the major chapter titles or subtitles of this courseandanswer the following questions presented below.The HRP should consist of a separate coverpage, a 10-12 page narrative report, as well as, an additional bibliography. See specificinstructions below.1. Select a topic, as described above. Describe your interest in this topic (i.e., why did youchoose this topic) and what you hope to gain from increasing your knowledge about thistopic.2. What is a current/future trend or controversial topic within the major topic area? Describethe current trend or controversial topic within the major area. Offer support forwhythisis considered either a current/future trend or controversial area.Note: This paragraphframes the rest of your paper. Make sure you provide sufficient support for why a certaintopic is either a current (or future) trend and/or controversial.3. What impact will this trend or controversial topic have on the HR function of anorganization? For example, consider how the trend or controversial topic will impactresponsibilities of the HR area within an organization, employees, and the entire organizationin terms of competitive advantage, employee satisfaction, heath/safety/wellness, etc.Content:-Briefly describes major area-Defines, describes, and supports selection of trend or controversialarea-Describes impact of trend or controversial area on HR function,employees and organization-Five point deduction for each format infraction and missing page.Style & Format:-Correctly uses APA style for referencing within paper andincludes reference list-Uses 12 point, serif font type-Uses active voice predominately-No misspellings or grammar errors-Uses emphasis techniques (headings, bullets, lists, tables, etc.)when needed-Uses 1-inch margins-Uses 3rdperson except when describing own opinions-Includes introductory and summary paragraphsFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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